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Our products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis. Creating the ultimate individualized cannabis experience means perfection in every step of the process. From cultivation to cartridge, we do everything in house, and take pride in bringing our consumers high quality, great tasting, transparent products. e strive to remove the negative stigma associated with cannabis by producing vape products that create a positive aura to the plant, and make it more approachable to a new set of eyes. With a big social following, we have become a flagship platform showcasing the latest cannabis, creativity, lifestyle, and art.

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customer remarks

Trusted Customer

What an absolute gem of a company. I've worked for multiple dispensaries and deliveries over the years and this place reminds me a lot of the medical days in terms of care and personal satisfaction.

Trusted Customer

I've been using these guys since I moved to Cali in April 2022. They are always helpful, patient and will answer all your questions and make suggestions. Every delivery person is super cool and make you feel at ease! Love the new site oh and the best part from their products are always on point!!!

Trusted Customer

These guys are in my absolute top 3 Bay Area delivery services! All support agents and delivery specialists are top notch and meet you with great, positive energy. The product rotation is fresh and stony! What more can I say? These guys rock!

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